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BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS – Lamia 7"EP is now available from Lavadome store. Expect nothing but fierce and profound devastation from these Australian heathens. The EP contains a new track Lamia, and a re-recorded version of a track Demonsword Infernal from band's 2006 demo "The Demon And The Tree Of The Dead".

300 copies of red transparent vinyl, which spins at 45RPM and comes with an insert in a glossy laminated jacket, have been made. Lamia is a result of cooperation between Lavadome and Unholy Prophecies.


A pact between Czech Death Metal mongers DESTROYING DIVINITY and Lavadome has been sealed. DESTROYING DIVINITY shall release its new album "Hollow Dominion" through Lavadome. The record as such is done. Design works will commence in March/April. As a pre-taste, the opening track of the album "Eternity Guardians" has been unveiled.

"Hollow Dominion", follower to 2010's album "Dark Future", will consist of eight monolithic Death Metal sermons levitating band's style to imposingly massive, well-versed levels of obscurity. Last but not least, expect tempestuous yet understandable vocal performance, so rare these days, spewing forth prophecies dealing with the decline of human-kind, blasphemous revelations as well as various afflictions of human mind and flesh...

A contemporary stab of classic, ancient Death Metal is descending.


DESTROYING DIVINITY is: Erik - vocals, Gassi - guitar, Flagin - guitar/bass, Ommurtag - drums

All DESTROYING DIVINITY releases are also to be found on Bandcamp:

Thereby it's an honor to announce DAY OF DOOM signed with Lavadome for the release of "The Gates Of Hell" album. The album was self-released by the band in 2013 but is yet to be really unearth until now.
DAY OF DOOM was spawned in 1999 in Long Island, NY. "The Gates Of Hell" is band's third album and is proof that underground Death Metal is alive and well in NY.
Expect an expressive whirlwind full of wicked riffs, destructive drums, pulverizing slams (played the way they were meant to be played) and mind bending rhythmics. Everything topped off with great solos.
Enjoy the first track we now reveal off the album, "Through Horrible Despair".


DAY OF DOOM is: Dave Casale - Guitar/vocals, Rich Hervey - Drums/Vocals, Doug Randazzo - Guitar/Vocals, Sam Lara - Bass/Vocals

More details regarding album release, coverart to come soon. Day Of Doom is near!

There it is. It's final and it's out. "Infamy Divine" displays band's most cohesive and articulate material to date. It's blistering and heavy, dismal and ravaging, with a twist of challenging metallic complexity to it all. Influences may be obvious yet drawing comparisons won't help anything since Perversity are just moving things in their own way.
The MCD comes as a glossy laminated digisleeve and you can order it from Lavadome store. Digital version is available from Bandcamp.

Thereby we also reveale a new song "Goddess Of Maggots". Enjoy this severe assault.

The last news from Pervesity is that the guitarist Martin "Fetus" Calko joined the band's ranks. This addition will add some special flavor to the new material.

2013 is over. Time to send massive thanks to all of you who supported band's records distributed/released via Lavadome. Your conflagration and support is precious and never will be taken for granted. Let's crush 2014 with ferocity!
Official street date for "Infamy Divine" is January 7, 2014.

Track list:
1. Vermin
2. Angel Of Prostitution
3. Goddess Of Maggots
4. Incest Of Flesh
5. Supreme Accusation
6. Infamous
Total time: 17:14

As a first pre-taste of things to come, here we offer the opening track Vermin for streaming:

You can now place an order through Lavadome store or make a digital pre-order via Bandcamp. We already have the MCD in our hands and will start shipping orders right away.

Hails for your continuous support. It's been another year behind our back.
Keep Death Metal Eternal!

New EP by PERVERSITY will be entitled "Infamy Divine" and is due for release in December/January! Here we unveil a short teaser of things to come.

Infamy Divine will include five new songs and an outro. It is the first record to be released after PERVERSITY's fourth studio album Ablaze (2011, Lavadome) and it will introduce band's new acquisition, Peter Jakubik, behind the drum kit. Musically, the band continues to brush the subterranean, blasphemous brutality, deeply rooted in European and US Death Metal. Song titles, sample, exact release date and cover of Infamy Divine will be revealed soon.
Stay tuned!

Heaving Earth is in the process of recording new material for its sophomore album. The new, as of yet untitled, album consists of 8 songs and is to be released in Winter/Spring 2014 via Lavadome Records. Expect sophisticated yet extreme and unadulterated Death Metal. Below you can watch a teaser containing footage of the drummer, Jirka Zajic, recording new material. There are also samples of guitar tracks to be heard in the second part of the teaser.

If you are not finished yet, you may listen to "Redemption Ablaze" EP. It was recorded in summer 2012 and contains two songs of the upcoming album and can be downloaded for free at following location. The EP also comes free with every order made in the Lavadome store. New copies should be available soon.

View more photos of the final product:

The Dream:
Hereby LAVADOME proudly presents the vinyl release of Adelaide based BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS' EP "Dreaming Death."
To immortalize this immense stab of profound Death Metal devastation on the most appropriate format has been a no-brainer. "Dreaming Death", being the band's latest release since 2008's debut album "From Hell", unearths sheer passion and devotion to Death Metal and it can be said with absolute confidence, this material is strong enough to stay and survive while the current and future trends will come and go. The time is yet to confirm.

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The first 2013 Lavadome release is impending. 12” LP version of BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS “Dreaming Death” EP be it.

Specially mastered for vinyl, the entire material will fill and destroy one side of the oxblood-colored wax while the blank side will include extra penta–etching. Limited to 350, the vinyl comes in 350 g jacket with glossy varnish and colored, two-sided insert.

A stunning result to be expected in all fields. Test presses have been approved and vinyl are currently being manufactured, estimated release date is the third week in May.


Track list:
Feast of Carrion 6:15
The Filth of Their God 2:50
Dreaming Death 5:42
Beast of Damnation 3:17
Total Time: 18:04

Later better than never: Thank you all for the attention you paid to Lavadome throughout 2012. You know who you are. March on!


Lunatic Necromancy represents the perversion and sadism of an insane mind, in a different and perhaps more realistic way than is typical. We do not glorify ritual murderers or serial killers. They are pathetic individuals - aberrations. What is the voice that they hear in their minds? What are their hallucinations? You will not understand them, but could you unwittingly become one?

Thank again to all of you who have purchased "The Abrogation" so far. Means a lot to us!