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Lavadome is proud to announce the signing of Italian DOMINHATE and Boston-based ZEALOTRY.

Five song MCD by DOMINHATE entitled "Emissaries of Morning" and sophomore album by ZEALOTRY "The Last Witness", counting eight tracks, are to be released on April 22, 2016. Watch out!

Both releases are available for pre-order at Lavadome store.

Enjoy the samples below:


It's with great honor to announce Lavadome will release the debut album by APPARATUS on October 20. The depths are infinite, prepare yourselves to delve into eleven tracks of grotesque Death Metal blackness.

Pre-order is now available from Lavadome store..

Digital version of entire album is available for streaming and immediate purchase below:

APPARATUS on Bandcamp and Facebook.

The tradition of fast, blasphemous Death Metal has been successfully revived with this feral, 5–song demo containing an ultimate, malevolent onslaught of speed driven blasphemous Death Metal. CAMBION are of the few ones who can convincingly and skillfully adopt the spirit of bands like Abhorrence, Krisiun, Slayer, Hate Eternal, Ophiolatry and create an own image of ravaging extremity. Hear this pure, adrenaline, ecstatic rush of decimating intensity and burn!
Available now from the Lavadome store as a pro done demo CD with 6 sided folded booklet.


8 songs, over 55 minutes playing time. Extreme Death Metal art of highest calibre.

The album can be obtained on CD from the Lavadome store.
Digital copy can be obtained through Bandcamp (click on the player below).

The full stream of the album follows:

Note: No internet stream reaches the quality which you will be offered from downloading uncompressed music files or from directly from the CD. In Ad Nauseam's case this applies doubled. A gigantic effort has been put into achieving natural and dramatic sound of this record and, obviously, you can get a clue but can't, in no way, explore the uncompromising magic completely when just streaming these songs from any internet resource. We felt this needs to be pointed out.

"Denouncing the Holy Throne" was officially released on February 6. A masterfully crafted and arranged Death Metal, inspired by the supreme gods of the genre, is merging together with a conscious influence taken from modern classical music. Heaving Earth have worked hard to create a Death Metal monument bringing an own, complex twist to it. We are now allowed to experience this ungodly art of extreme Death Metal viciousness and venture into new realms of the genre conquered on "Denouncing the Holy Throne".

Head to Lavadome store for more info, stream, album purchase.

No one will be saved!

Zero Tolerance have premiered another new Heaving Earth's song, Nailed to Perpetual Anguish, from the upcoming album “Denouncing the Holy Throne”.
Check it out at this location:

Pre-orders for the CD and digital version of the album are online. Head to the Lavadome store for more info.

The album is currently at the pressing plant and should be launched on February 6 as planned. The gates of blasphemy are opening!


16 December 2014
Your hopes and believes are soon to be denounced!


Lavadome Productions have inked a deal with Italian quartet, Ad Nauseam, and will release the band's as yet untitled debut album during winter 2014/2015 on CD and digital formats.

Ad Nauseam have put an enormous effort into creating a record without compromises. The material itself has been in the making for at least 5 years and mirrors all the hardship for complex artistic growth and perfection in an impressive, lively collage of 8 songs. The final outcome can be easily labeled as extreme art of highest calibre possible, unchallenged.

With that being said, Lavadome is more than proud to become the medium which will submit, unearth and physically channel the artistic elegance and dinkum extremity of this record into the chaos of our fleshly plane.

You can now immerse yourself into one of the songs, entitled Terror Haze, and get at least a little bit prepared...

Enjoy and hook up with the band on FB:


This piece of contemporary Death Metal apocalypse has been finally conceived in a tangilble form. If you breathe Death Metal that doesn't get stale but moves forward while keeping the original spirit alive, you'll adore this release.
"Hollow Dominion" art and layout created by Misanthropic-Art.
CDs are now available from Lavadome store.

Another new song, Burning Divine Domination, has been unveiled:


Listen to a new track Empire of Emptines:

Expect total 8 massive tracks of Death Metal to be on the album. More details and cover art to be revealed soon.